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AFL -Robert Harvey a legend
- Loving NYC, been there for 3 days and in love already, also a big fan of DC its so pretty here and am basically living out my West Wing wishes which was awesome.

- went to see Promises, Promises on broadway it was amazing Sean Hayes and Kristin Chenowith were amazing rocked it, the first act felt like it ran a little slow but the second act was funny and brilliant loved it!

- Saw Easy A yesterday and it was perhaps the best movie I've seen all year certainly the best in its genre by far. Emma Stone was amazing.

- Kicking it in DC at the moment, seen the white house, capital building, Museum of American History, washington monument, WW2 memorial and Lincoln Memorial, really love it here, going to visit more stuff tomorrow and monday exciting! :)

- Best news ever though? ST KILDA IS IN THE GRAND FINAL, SECOND YEAR IN A ROW COME ON BOYS!!!!!!!!!!! ..................please?

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Oh how exciting is it! And my new job put me on my first shift on Saturday 11 - 3. Oh. My. God. I forgive though, because I'll still catch the second half live.

Oh when the Saiiiinnnntss......

... go marching in, oh when the saints go marching in, oh how I want to be in St Kiida when the saints got marching in :)

I am so ridiculous excited about this game, I want them to win so bad. Your work schedule sucks, but you do get to catch the 2nd half.

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