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because its the journey not the destination that counts

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Chuck - Safe in the Car
How is life? it always feels like forever since I've posted here probably because its true, I suck at LJ most of the time which is not great but it is what it is for now I guess.

So a brief update on the life of me :

1. I'm going to Montreal next monday for basically a week and I'm really excited I've never been to the East Side of Canada in the nearly 3 years I've lived here so I'm hitting it up during the Comedy Festival which will be awesome I'm really Excited! I might be going to seen Rove and Tim Minchen while I'm there tres awesome!

2. I have recently become OBSESSED with the West Wing I have watched 3 1/2 season in the past 2 week while working 12 hours days at horse shows and being plain exhausted yep it sucked me in why did no one tell me this show was this good??

3. I'm going home in a little over 2 months with a stop over in NYC and LA with my BFF who is flying out from Oz to come home with me (part of me thinks it just to make sure I actually come home lol) I'm not sure how long I'm going to be home for yet but at least till christmas seems to be the plan now I'm really excited!

Whats happening with you flist?


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