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Catch Up Time!
Glee - Brittany Recipes
Update Time!

1. I started watching the new series of Doctor Who, I'm in love with Matt Smith as the Doctor and Amy Pond is perhaps the best companion yet, and yes I do ship Amy/11 who wouldn't?

2. Watched Zombieland the other day have a newer greater appreciation for Emma Stone not only is she gorgeous and funny but the girl can act too, love her!

3. Finally caught up on Glee, I love the last two episodes, the song choices were amazing though I'm pretty sure we all guess the Jesse storyline but it was awesome none the less, I also love that it is not just Rachel and Finn doing all the songs, i think everyone on of the core 6 got a song/storyline about them in these 2 eps which was really great to see it's a way to always keep the stories fresh.

Thats about it fandomish wise what new with everyone out there?

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Glee!! I am two episodes behind, must catch up!

I was too, I just caught up last night they are too really really good eps!

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